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Gate Training

The Race Program is Campgaw Mountain's premier race training for young athletes ages 8 to 18. It is designed for skiers/snowboarders  at an advanced skill level.The athlete will train and compete while developing strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance, speed, and endurance. Our race coaches emphasize tactics, techniques, and the intense training of ski/snowboard racing. Athletes may train in Giant Slalom and Slalom. Athletes must be able to the ride chair lift unassisted.  All athletes are required to be a member of USSA/NJSRA for Skiers or must provide verification from your team coach of ability. 


The Program will focus on:


  • Slalom & Giant Slalom

  • Fine Tuning alpine fundamentals.

  • Helping altheles to maintain peak performance 

  • Age appropriate course sets & coaching

  • Provide coaching & feedback from USSA/PSIA/USASA level 200/300 coaches.


Program Details:


Ski Training 

  • Begins Monday, January 2nd

  • Monday & Wednesday 6-8pm

  • 16-2hr training sessions


SB Training

  • Begins Tuesday, January 3rd

  • Tuesday & Thursday 6-8pm

  • 16-2hr training session


Program Pricing:

(Program pricing valid until Nov.30th)


  • $439 per athlete (full program 16 sessions)

  • $45 per athlete (walk in 1 session)

  • $21 per athlete on Campgaw Race Team

  • Includes lift tickets,coaches & training


Full Program - $499

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