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Everything you need to know when using the lifts at Campgaw Mountain...

from the magic carpet to the chairlift.


We recommend that you take a lesson or are helped by a Campgaw associate before

attempting to ride any of our lifts for the first time. The majority of ski lifts in this country are chairlifts (1,2,3 or 4 passenger) with the remainder comprising of gondolas, trams, and surface lifts (T-bars, Pomalifts, J-bars, and rope tows).


Basic rules for riding all ski lifts
  1. Obey all loading and other instructions on lifts.

  2. Do not use a lift until you are familiar with its operation. Read the instruction signs. Watch and learn. Ask if you are in doubt.

  3. Slow down before approaching the entrance to a lift.

  4. Load and unload only at designated areas.

  5. Be polite and courteous at the loading area. Wait your turn, try to keep off other people's skis, and double or triple up for chairlifts or T-bars.

  6. Have your lift ticket or season pass visible to the ticket checker or lift operator so you do not hold up the lift line.

  7. On chairlifts, keep your ski tips or snowboard up as you leave the loading area and upon approaching the unloading ramp.

  8. If you fall while getting on or off the lift, keep your head down and crawl quickly out of the way.

  9. Do not bounce, ski out of the track, or otherwise abuse lift equipment. You may cause injury to yourself or others.

  10. Make sure no loose clothing or long hair is caught in lift when unloading.

  11. Move quickly away from unload areas to make room for the next skiers.

  12. If a lift stops, do not attempt to get off. Remember, if there is a mechanical problem, area personnel will provide assistance.

  13. Take special precautions to help small children load and unload. Do not allow them to ride a lift alone until they can do so properly. You are responsible for your children and their actions.

What suggestions can you give me to get
on or off a lift?




Loading Instructions

  1. Take pole straps off wrists.

  2. Hold poles in hand towards the middle of the chair.

  3. Step quickly into position.

  4. Look over outside shoulder, grasp bar as chair approaches and sit down gently.


Unloading Instructions

  1. Stand up at designated point and ski down the incline.         

  2. Move quickly away from moving chair and keep unloading area clear.





Loading Instructions

  1. Straps off wrists.

  2. Step around, until your skis are pointing uphill and you are inline with the carpet.

  3. Shuffle forward until you feel the carpet grab your skis and begin to pull you uphill


Unloading Instructions

  1. Make sure your poles are off the carpet.

  2. Allow the carpet to push you into the unloading area.

  3. When your boots are off of the carpet, shuffle forward and push with your poles to move quickly away and keep the unloading area clear.

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